Motion Capture

My main areas of expertise is infrared motion capture. I have been using motion capture technology since 2005 for my research projects. Since 2009, I work closely with the Swedish motion capture manufacturer Qualisys, offering training and education and developing custom solutions for data processing and analysis.


I am a certified trainer for the biomechanics software Visual3D and have performed trainings and presentations at various research facilities in Europe, Asia and North America.


I have been active as a guest lecturer in a number of courses at the University of Gothenburg in the following courses:

  • IIG112 V11 Biomekanik
  • IDG300 V11 Idrottsvetenskap med inriktning mot att leda pedagogisk verksamhet
  • IDA310 H11 Rörelselära och prestationsförmåga

I provided lectures and tutorials on topics such as an introduction to biomechanics, functional anatomy, sports mechanics, measurement systems in biomechanics and research design.

Dr. Nils Betzler

Predöhlstr. 23

27472 Cuxhaven


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